Friday, August 20, 2010

One in recovery, One is sick

And we are now day 7 into the vomiting and sickies here. We had Caden at the hospital last night with dehydration. they finally got his vomiting stopped. So today was spent being fairly quiet and the boys started squabbling which I took as a good sign. Then it started all over again with Tyler. he has a temp and spent Thursday night vomiting as well. Awesome . I am so over this year for being sick. Anyway Despite Caden insisting he wasn't tired and me insisting he was having at least a rest I look up from the computer to realise it is so quiet. too quiet. peaceful quiet. I went to investigate just to check and this is what I found…



I love seeing them sleep, so innocent and knowing that it is the best thing for both of them at the moment. So sick and tired and weary.

Sleep well muchkins ♥ you


enjoy J

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