Thursday, August 12, 2010

Rain ears.

  What the heck are rain ears you may be thinking? Well our Ty Ty absolutely hates the rain. cannot handle the sound of it. He freaks especially at night if it is raining and needs to block his ears. So the other night after a day of rain and yet another wake up in the middle of the night he finally settled down with a pillow over his ears. That bought me to playing with the hot glue gun again and one felt I have to make other stuff with. We made some special rain ears for Ty. He likes having them on when he goes to sleep and they have a T on them just for him!



Our poor little man isn't feeling so hot tonight either. He was so so brave and didn't even flinch when he had his 4yo needles yesterday. He is pretty worn out and a bit sick today because of it. Luckily the weather really isn't good for going anywhere so we had a quiet day with Gemma at home today. I intend to take some pics of his arm in them morning if he lets me!


enjoy J

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