Saturday, May 2, 2009

Photography 101 Week 6 {shooting indoors}

This week was about using natural light and shooting without the flash. We were looking for the light in the house and when to use direct or indirect light. I have to admit to not being as vigilant with this weeks lesson having only done the catchlights and indirect light part of it. I am going to have to try and catch up with the rest this week some how.

anyway I utilised my time at the hospital with Caden and Daz to practice the indirect light. the sun was over the building and we were getting gorgeous light but not directly shining through the window. I placed Daz at about 45 degrees angle from the light which caught the shadows just right and created catchlights in his eyes. we also did some self portraits as well that used it. There are a few of Tyler from before that I was trying to do the direct and indirect light but see what you think!



This one was taken in front of glass sliding door that is under a patio roof. he is parallel to the doors (and so am I), taken in morning with full sun hitting the house from the direction he is facing.


Ok I have found the rest I knew I had done them!

Directional light - turned at 45degrees (about to get better shadows on him)


parallel to window, me perpendicular,


Direct light to his face, looking straight out the window. Metered for his face hence the very dark bgSONY DSC

phew I did do it!! (please excuse the grubby face. I seem to never have a wipe around him!!)

enjoy J

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