Tuesday, March 2, 2010


it is too easy to get caught up in looking for something that may or may not be there. Sometimes I discard photos that aren't perfect or just don't do anything with them. Then I come back a few days later and while they weren't what I was specifically looking for in that specific moment. I am so glad and grateful that I still took them. Sometimes it is about capturing the moment not the thought of the moment, and seeing what is truly there in front of me.

I take photos to capture the memories and of late striving to bring portraits to my photos as well. but sometimes you don't need them. The look on your kiddos face as he swings down the shoot or plays peek a boo around  tree are way more important in his life and yours.

SO here are some moments of Tyler at the park the other day. yes I took portrait type shots but you know what these are meaning more to me than them at the moment.

They show him just as he was. cranky, funny, silly, patient, Oh so patient with his Mama.

somteimes it is about the fun


Oh and here he is the UNO king of our house. He doesn't win every game but he tries and sometimes we let him win, sometimes we don't. But whatever happens he is happy. And that for me is the best thing in the world.uno tyler


Enjoy J

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