Monday, March 22, 2010

rainbow cakes and a menagerie

Today we made rainbow cakes. I saw a post on Peas and thought how cool! Theb oys love them! So while they were i the bath there I was in the doorway in the nice light shooting cakes :D





Since I have taught myself crochet Tyler has been surfing the net with me with wants for things to make. We are slowly building up a menagerie of sea animals at the moment. Here are a few! We have a mama and baby turtle, 5 fishies, an octopus, a squid, a crazy hair dude, and not shown here is his mantaray, froggy and a couple of hand puppets too. He loves them they go everywhere with him. You might remember (or not) the blue hanging cocoon that I made a while back? well is is now the handy carry all of the animals. They have a special bed and everything. He checks every night that they are in their special shelf and lines them up every morning.

tylers animals  The next on the list is a dolphin and a shark. I just have to print the pattern and away we go!


enjoy J

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