Saturday, March 13, 2010

Visit to Questacon

We went on a lightning quick trip to Canberra today to take the kids to Questacon. A science based exploratory museum I guess you would call it. I haven't been for years and years and The boys had a blast. We first visited the dinosaurs. They had 5 dinosaurs there which Tyler was a bit scared of at first but was pretty happy soon enough. IMG_4717

Checking out the myasourus


Testing out the Jacobs ladder where the electricity travels up the wires.

I got caught in the reflection so SP time :)


Tyler was testing out how fast the ping pong balls would travel down the twists and turns.

The boys were fascinated the currents of air pushing the ball up in to the air.IMG_4724

Learning about what makes you dizzy


Catching ducks! and playing the air harp


Dazza checking out the earth quake exhibits and Tyler trying to pick up the illusion. It was pretty funny as he was there for ages before he finally figured it out that there was no golden statue to actually touch.IMG_4763

Caden teaching Tyler about the Tsunamis then both of them pushing the big and little wave buttons and seeing the difference.


More to come later when I get them into story boards!


enjoy J 

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