Thursday, April 22, 2010

zshoozshing the magic Sauce…

ha ha it sounds like something Dr Seuss would make up!  For about the last 12 months or so I have restarted making puree vegetables again. just like I did when the boys were babies eating solids for hte first time. Again this is so that the nutrients and vitamins that come form eating the veges is still available to my number 1 son who is only just now contemplating the benefit to trying a vegetable. Not that he eats them but now that the magic sauce is put in everything he preferred to eat it all when it is in it. Funny that Things taste better with veges! For many months we could not eve utter the ‘v’ word with out him refusing to touch anything. So the magic sauce was created, Since he wasn’t very interested in cooking and helping it was easy enough to prepare when he wasn’t around and pop them into every thing. and I mean everything. Now he has figured out that the magic is the veges but he will eat it because he can’t see or taste them. Ty on the other hand loves his veges and cannot get enough of them. but he loves to zshoozsh the magic sauce into being! it is only a bar mix dup that we use to puree but the zshoozsh sound it makes has given it its name in our home. I cooked up a massive pot of veges last night  and while it was too late to zshoozsh it Ty and I did in the morning. The best way to store it is by using the latex muffin trays. I fill 2 of these with the magic sauce and it lasts for ages after freezing. Well today we made 2.5 dozen vege patties and we are all stocked again. I used the opportunity to try out some DGC tests to keep figuring out how to use it and that was handy!

So here is my little zshoozsher with his magic sauce!


magic sauce


enjoy j

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