Tuesday, April 13, 2010

the art of blowing bubbles…

The boys have really enjoyed blowing bubbles lately. Tyler started out yesterday doing it then Caden joined in.

IMG_6212_1[IMG_6213_5x7IMG_6218_5x7IMG_6224 as Smart Object-1_1IMG_6225 _5x72IMG_6226 as Smart Object-1_1IMG_6227 as Smart Object-1_1IMG_6231 as Smart Object-1_1I haven’t gotten to all of Caden’s pics yet hopefully tomorrow. But here is one that I just love!





Oh and IMG_6250

oh and on a side note – the entire bottle of bubbles is no more. Tyler thought it would be funny to finger paint in bubble and tipped it all over the desk. the only thing that saved his butt is the fact it was out side. he was banned from bubbles and had to clean it up. Sigh boys what can you do?!

enjoy J

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