Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Determine to learn

Once we survived cranky kids and cranky mummy, sleep is a godsend! Caden woke up and was happy to ‘work beside me on my desk today. We went through some of my school files today to see if we could find some worksheets  and was happy to do anything. He spotted a magic number table that I set up for a class a couple of years ago looking at the addition of 1-10. We grabbed the matchsticks and off we went. He went away and after dinner came back and we worked on it for nearly 45 minutes. Here is how far we got today – plus he mastered writing 8’s!


Caden maths

After a while he was starting to see patterns and work out the next number without counting on or with the matchsticks! Yay Caden!! Well done little man! You are going sooo well!



enjoy J

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