Thursday, April 29, 2010

they are learning to pose!!

There has been a change in our house lately, probably because I have learnt to back off annoying the kids with so many photos but their attitude towards them is changing for the better. Especially Mr Elusive Caden! Usually he is off and running as soon as I grab the camera but just the last couple of weeks he has wanted to pose and also have photos. We dashed outside before school (he was already dressed like that) took some on the road (haven’t done them yet) and this is one of my absolute favourites!

IMG_7259IMG_7265_5x7>And the munchkin, I had his outfit all looking cool, new boots, groovy hat, camera ready walking out the door to go to the park and take Caden to school and what happens?
yep it starts to rain. good o. So this is the only shot I managed to get from him looking good! :)


enjoy J

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