Sunday, March 22, 2009

Mowing with Daddy - {safety/risk}

My daily POTD topics don't seem to be blogged about regularly at the moment! bad me! but on the other hand I haev been busy putting things into perspective, trying to get a new Internet provider organised, I worked 4 days last week and had appointments for Caden's ears. whew now we can sit and go Ahhh!

Ok back to the topic. I have been trying to think of safety/risk things to take photos of. well nothing was springing to mind then yesterday  morning Daz gets up and him an Tyler don the gear for mowing. they put on their hats, special ears, get the whipper snipper and off they go!

SONY DSC cheese!!


filling up the Whipper snippers with petrol!

SONY DSC starting it up!


what I saw out the from window - T just wanting to be way out the front with daddy!


love those chubby cheeks!

these were taken with f5.6 either ISO100 or 400, 1/1000s CWB and edited with a curve lighten, soft light 25% opacity, occasional masking for lightening under T's hat, flatten, sharpen and save for web.

enjoy J

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