Wednesday, March 11, 2009

we hit the park again!!

The boys just love to go to the park. Every day when I pick them up from school the question is can we go to the park. Well today the answer was yep sure! the request was the lake park near our house. First stop - the swings. both are HUGE swing fans, grab them by the feet and get them going! they giggle and laugh their way up and down! and then we..... hit the slide, went for a walk along the path and did lots of other stuff! see below!


IMG_2297sooc  "C'mon guys let's go!!"IMG_2285sooc

it's too bright - you gotta wear shades! (yep even if they are mummy's!


my macro - gum nut thingys off a bottlebrush tree!

IMG_2287sooc and on the slides


on the rings (with a little bit of help!)


finding all sorts of lovely pebbles and bits of dirt!

IMG_2283 edit 1IMG_2301edit 1


and of course being good for mummy! - not! I just want to say that in typical 2yo fashion at being told that it is time to go home Tyler screamed for about 20 metres then decided that holding my hand is good and that he can yell at Caden to slow down because we were too slow!! oh gotta love em!

enjoy J

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