Thursday, June 4, 2009

Cant figure out what is going on with my crappy pictures!

I have been so stressed and frustrated lately with my pics being out of focus and blurry, underexposed and you know just crappy. This is compounded by putting just about everything I hear or see about pp in my photos ALL AT ONCE> I have been trying to get back to basics with my pp because I am realising the photos really are not that bad just need a few minor tweaks to make the WAY better in camera. But my PS skills need scaling back and refining.

SO today we had a little ray of sunshine coming through Tyler's window. I told the boys that they could have some lolly's if they let me take some pictures and I would follow it up with a cake as well. They were quite happy to do this for me today and we had some fun! I nailed my exposures and my focus and then I also tried a new way of pping and nailed it in a Much better way than before!

so here are my cuties in a SOOC and edited order. SONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSC  SONY DSC


so as my second attempt at the lighting assignment I was way happier. as I was with the colours and everything else!

finally may have had an aha moment!

Here is one cute one of Tyler that I think is  my hand to rest his chin on!SONY DSC

enjoy J

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