Wednesday, June 24, 2009


not much has been happening here in terms of actually being home. The kids and I are in school all the time, Daz is home during the day and we are home at night. I finally made a final decision to drop back my availability to only 3 days and have the kids home 2 days a week instead of FT day care. Probably going to regret it in some ways but I can't think of  too many at the moment. I always have second thought issues but today was another one where I know that what I am doing is right for us. I hate being so grumpy wit the kids and to be perfectly honest I am missing the time to cook and bake with them. I am so not interested on the weekends and that is breaking my heart that the kids have a cranky mummy. so here goes a try for a better mum (we'll see how we go!)

anyway on a much lighter note we had this funky orange unset tonight with the totally massive clouds. I haven't got the pics ready yet as I was doing my NLCC assignment editing tonight but I do have Tyler outside in it. It was a way different light to try and edit in and I finally self corrected to improve!! Here is my grubby boy with cheese from corn chips all over him!


the light turned his hair a really orangey red rather than that strawberry red it usually is!!

enjoy J

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