Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sunny Sunday around here!

You would think that a stack of pancakes would be relatively safe from little fingers... not here! T decided that the best place for Barbie was tucked in his shirt, Caden wrote his full name for the first time all by himself, lined up everything that could possible fit inside his Spiderman lunch box and both of them played with the Little People for ages. Ahh Sundays with the sun shining (YAY!) the weather still cool but able to air the house out it was a good morning! I was also really really happy with a few things today. First up was my photos of Tyler. I nailed my exposure and focus in 5 out of 7 which is such a  vast improvement, Daz made yummy scrummy pancakes (yep that is Tyler's finger!) my photos printed out really well so I am happy to be handing over the disk now, the house is a little cleaner (or it was until the little people took over!) and that was about it!


have a lovely day! J

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