Sunday, June 7, 2009

NLCC assignment 1 take 2

   I bribed! I enlisted the help of my darling husband who cracks me up. The boys had had enough of photos (not of the chocolate though!) and I had realised that I still hadn't taken my pics ins manual SO I asked the one who under sufferance does and awesome job. I have been picky lately because Daz squints and since I have been trying to work on catch lights in the eyes he tends to open his eyes WIDE open as a joke to start with. well today he went one better, he got a second set of eyes - complete with catch lights!!



I edited a couple of different ways here. SOOC data is f6.3, ss1/125, ISO1600

I tried to bring the wall back to cream but he was a bit further away hence the shadows and I reduced the ruddiness in his face a tad as well. I cant decide now which I prefer in terms of the photos but gee I think he is AWESOME!!


enjoy J

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