Sunday, June 21, 2009

fun family photo!

I have wanted to do this type of photo for a while. while it isn't perfect it is us!! SONY DSC

and Caden was fashion statement man today...

Sportacus suit, red flannel jammie top, blue trackies no shoes and of course the Sportacus hat!


I checked out the local bridal fair today seeking inspiration for wedding photography. Very scary prospect photographing a wedding as there is no do-over. There were actually quite a few there, the albums they had were gorgeous.

you know looking at these two photos I can see that I nailed the bottom one and need to do more work on the top one in terms of focus. different lenses, light and aperture etc but still at least I am starting  to see how I want all of my pics to look.

I have a heap (read over 100) to go through from today as well as edit so I'll put them up soon!

enjoy J

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