Thursday, February 25, 2010

little bit of this, little bit of that

Today has been a bitser of a photo day and a just a busy day all around! Tyler and I checked out his new preschool. He snapped it when he had to go. It is great that he wanted to stay and play. We went shopping as well and he was really good, not that we bought anything but hey it was nice to be about and about.

This  afternoon the light was lovely in the lounge room and I tested out my reflector.


Caden thought it would be funny to try and throw buckets of water at mummy's camera - yeah not!>IMG_1268IMG_1271IMG_1273IMG_1274 and then the bucket it selfIMG_1275

can you say style king! IMG_1289

and helping Caden take some pics - which reminds me there are a heap on our Sony camera that I must get off! IMG_1299

and this is what he is supposed to be doing but at 8.45 he is actually out in the kitchen helping me take photos and test out my calibration of my lens :)


enjoy J

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