Saturday, February 6, 2010

well not much to show for today!

I have no idea why but whenever we visit G'ma and Papa I never seem to take a lot of photos. Me? the queen of obsessively taking photos of everything? I can only think that I enjoy the down time where the kids are entranced by occupying every breathing and blinking moment doing something with G'ma and I like reading my book! I will grab the camera out to play with flower shots because as anyone that really knows me my gardening skills  leaves an awful lot to be desired - I almost killed mum's aggie's that she gave me (they are reviving at the moment due to a big big drink!).

Any way rambling aside - the boys had a blast. They gardened, they shopped, they ran around like loons, they ate lollies and cakes, they had a spa (but not till papa came home) and they slept over. So as a tribute to my parents having such a wonderful time with their grandkids here is one of the 6 photos I took of the same flower (strange I know) from mum's garden. it is probably one of my favourites cause it is so cool looking!

IMG_0840 8x8


Thanks Mum and Dad - I will try to take more of you guys with the kiddos!

Love you


Enjoy J

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