Monday, February 22, 2010

Can you tell he loves being at home?

We took Tyler out of daycare this year as we decided that I was going to hold off working will Caden was settled in school and then money got tighter because of said not working. I don't think that it has impacted him if anything the daredevil we know and love is becoming unleashed and unrestrained. He is loving and cuddly and full of kisses and I love you's, then I hear "Mum take a photo of me..."

I walk out with camera in hand and just about drop from a heart attack. see the slide?... well picture it a good foot further away and around the other way him at the top and only about 3cm of water in the pool. Yeah not happening quite like that sunshine! So enabler and not exactly strong willed in the discipline dept when it means cool action shot practice I set it up a bit safer for him and this is what we get...

IMG_1241IMG_1242IMG_1250IMG_1247  IMG_1254

And just because he is who he is he has to test out how everything works - including how water cleans out ears, how cold it is on his head and the fact that the slide just needs it!

IMG_1252IMG_1253  IMG_1255

enjoy J

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