Thursday, February 4, 2010

IT is Thursday...

Well Thursday. Day 5 for Caden being at big school. He said to me as we were going in " you don't have to walk with me Mum I am a big kid now, you can stop at the gate" so I stopped, he got about 5 steps in and came and got me again. It is nice that he still needs me at the moment. It wont be long before I am dropping him off at the gate though. He has made a couple of friends which is lovely. and he always greets us in the afternoons with the biggest hugs and I love you and I missed you today's. the smiles and hugs are so good!

I am determined to step up to taking at least a couple of photos a day. I realised the other day that I thought I hadn't taken any for the first 4 days of Feb. well I have just missed the 2nd. but there could be a couple on the p&s - I just don't think of downloading it as often.

Today was the last day that Tyler is going to daycare 3 days. We have decided that I won't work as much this year and spend more time with him and helping Caden settle into school (not that he is needing a lot of help at the moment). It was a really hard decision for me to finally decide on but I am glad that I made it. Tyler needs it. He is my snuggle bug when we are home and it is lovely. he is so cute! a challenge but cute!

Caden has been a changed child since he started school. His confidence levels have accelerated enormously and he is happy again. He smiles, he jokes and he laughs so much more than he was in recent weeks. It is so fabulous to have my happy boy back again. - still wont let me take his photo but is more inclined to be behind the camera.


I launched my new site for my photography today which was a little nerve wracking. There are a couple of little things I need to tweak but they will have to wait till Wednesday to get the time to fiddle. if you want to see it go here.

and cause you know my obsession with photos here are a couple of the kiddos. Caden is stoked to be able to submerge his head in the bath now as his grommets are out and he got the all clear from the dr that his ears are finally good! 3 years and 2 lots of grommets have worked.


T hates having his hair spiky so here he is flattening it down!


and a couple of hats I have made too! busy place this one!


enjoy J

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