Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Can you tell it is still hot here...

There seems to be a current theme to our photos this week, All Tyler wants to do is be here in the pool so here he is. Plus Caden will not let me take his photo and seems to have a 6th sense when it is aimed at him!

So here is our little man in the pool yet again. The big thing I hate about this pool is the cast is gives off photo wise but oh I love the colours! and since I am feeling a bit lazy for our snaps I didn't bother to fix them!



Today was Tyler's last day a school today. A little bittersweet but he is excited at the idea of going to check out a pre school tomorrow.

And here is Miss Josy who just happened to be wandering around and You know I get the same look form the kids!IMG_1259IMG_1264


Caden had his first excursion at school today. He went on a bus ride to learn about the rules for riding on a bus. He got an NRMA showbag thing and told me that he was going to catch the bus to school from now on!  IT was a bit exciting for him!


enjoy J

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