Monday, April 6, 2009

My metering experiment!

I have been trying to get a handle on how to meter my camera properly so I posted on 2peas about it and got a assignment to do. These are the results for take one. I found out that I needed to set my needle to the 0 not the 1 so I had to go back again and do it all over.

Take 1

metering experiment

take 2

metering experiment 2

Ok this time I got a clearer picture of what they are supposed to look like when you meter off of different things. I need to get a grey card to be able to be consistent with how I meter so maybe that is becoming very fast to the top of the list!

I can understand the how of this at the moment and with practice I am sure that it will become second nature to me once I can read the light better and try different settings/experiences to use it effectively for the right situations.SONY DSC SONY DSC

I tried it out on Josy to get her properly exposed. It  took me quite a few goes to put the theory in to practice. Yesterday when she was in full sun I found it is not the best to use her to meter off of because she is so dark that it blows everything else out too much. So I went out the back when she was in a  better lighting situation and used the ground and mat to meter off of and found that it was a much better picture with here exposed properly and the background still normal exposure.

enjoy J

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