Monday, April 20, 2009

Peas on Earth {landscapes}

I was thinking of perspective today and also with the peas on earth challenge it all came together in one thought. Our lake (only a few minutes from our home) has been getting lower and lower everyday. I drive past here to take the kids to their school and we can almost 'see' the water leaving it. This was completely full only a couple of years ago when we moved back here in 2006, now as I took these photos this morning I stood at the edge of what used to be the water. as you can see the huge expanse of dirt/silt that has been recently 'harvested' for use on the new football fields. This was a Mecca for all types of water sports both fishing and boating related, swimming and splashing as well as providing scenery that at times was gorgeous. now we desperately need almost flood conditions to fill it again. Anyway here is our lake (or what it is today)


Its a bit hard to see it clearly when I resize but it does give you an idea of the vastness of what once it was.

On a much nicer note...

The Murrumbidgee River runs along side (and sometimes through) Wagga. We came out just before sunset the other night and found these little spots that were great. I have no idea if the rope swing is universal (I strongly suspect that it is and here is one that we found al ready to go!SONY DSC

The sun was just right for silhouettes  and sunset pics, the water was calm enough for reflections. it all just came together with these!


I really liked how our dust trail looked like the bush had fire peeking through with the sun's rays shining through the trees!


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