Thursday, April 2, 2009

At the Beach

The local one at the river that is!!

It is Daddy's birthday today and even though he had the day off we didn't! So the boys and I went to school! My class had a reward trip for fun and games at the local beach here (only a couple of blocks from the school) and I had a great time watching them enjoy themselves and paddle in the water. After Daz picked us all up we headed there ourselves as this was the first time that we had taken the boys. Ty said to me as I got in the car "Mummy guess what?!" "We going to the ribber!" In the less than 5 minutes that it took us to get there I think he said that about 20 times!!! anyway we made it and they had fun! The boys waded and jumped and splashed in the water (yes Mummy even get her feet wet!!), they picked up rocks and threw (trying to skim them) across the water. Once we finished in the water, the boys hit the play area and had a blast! Daz let me take some shots of him with the river behind which I thought turned out nicely. Oh and we got to see 2 kookaburras sitting on the huge stump lookout railing. pretty awesome!



enjoy J

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