Wednesday, December 17, 2008

day 17

Where is the time going? not so long ago it was a month before we are going to the beach, now it has jumped on me and said 2 more sleeps. Hmm ok the to-do lists for today and yesterday were seemingly endless. Thank goodness the kids have been at school. I have accomplished most of my tasks - the calendars are done, the cards & envelopes are addressed, all but one of the Chrissy presents are bought. Still have lots of wrapping to go though. Next for tomorrow is the wrapping, the packing, the organising and of course the cleaning. oh and the trip to the post office.

my lovely moments of the day included T coming to me this morning and saying " Mama, I sit in the chair and you take my photo!" oh yeah baby bring it on - I got about 5 done and here is the best...


the next two are some of my thoughts of childhood memories of summer. lying in the back yard/front yard/park/school oval - well anywhere really, looking up at the clouds and finding objects and animals in them. I loved remembering the simple pleasure of the vast white and blue sky giving our imaginations a constantly changing playground in which to play. so of course when I went out side to hang the washing and there were these great clouds I had to photo them as C puts it.


the next is of the boys having a picnic in the loungeroom for afternoon tea. Biccies and Cheese and Apricot Delights is on the menu!


Daz chilling out after cleaning half the house and mowing the lawn!


self portraits via the mirror - geez I have to clean the little hand prints off!!.

Ok I checked out the digital photography school assignment page for the first time in ages and their weekly assignment was Christmas decorations to be taken between the 3 and 17th of December. well my fave of course was taken outside of these dates so hand thing to have around the house I took it again.... here it is..


he's a cutie so of course he has been my POTD for the POTD gallery here and my submission for the assignment!

ok enough rambling and I think its time to go. more Daily December tomorrow...



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