Tuesday, December 9, 2008

There are presents!

C certainly has good eyes. I spent some of today wrapping presents for us and put some under the tree. While we were eating dinner (a lazy night with a picnic on the floor) he pipes up with "there are presents! For me?!" So of course the next question was "can we open them?". Luckily we have also been counting the sleeps till we go to the beach and he was cool with the "we can't open until after we get back from the beach". You know I tucked them into the corner so I could "hide" them for a couple of days... yeah so much for that!



T is getting very excited about going to the beach. At 2 he has a really good grasp on what is around him and he is constantly telling us about how we are going swimming with the fishies and the dolphins. We are down to 10 sleeps now and they are counting every one of them!

I was lucky to grab a copy of the Host by Stephanie Meyer today. I love reading the twilight series - I think I have read them all about 3 or 4 times. I don't really have a favourite out of the 4 but like all of them.

D was told today that he is going to be the night shift supervisor so starting January he will be home during the day more. I guess that Mummy has night night and sweet dreams duty from then on but we'll get used to the new routine soon enough - we survived the mornings on our own for ages! I am looking forward to it in some ways and others I am not sure about but we'll sort out all the bugs! the HUGE bonus - MUCH MUCH more FAMILY time YAY!

Oh and I just couldn't resist putting these cute photos of the kids in their Santa Sacks from the Fun Day on Sunday! Their presents have been pulled apart and played with but oh the sacks make really cool things to climb into!



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