Thursday, December 25, 2008

Day 2 at the beach

Tyler woke up at 5:55am and came into us with a HUGE happy grin and the first words out of his mouth were... "My had a big sleep and we go to the beach now?!" Not 15 minutes later Caden came in too and again the first words were "My had a big sleep, I have dry undies can we go to the beach now?!" do you think that they want to go to the beach?

Brekkie first then off to the beach we go.

Went to the beach at 7.30

Played, froze, came home for hot showers and more brekkie. Went for a walk along the boardwalk jetty at low tide. Got to see heaps of tiny crabs with bright orange claws, a couple of fish and star fish, birds and heaps of oyster shells. We kept reminding the boys to be careful at the edges of the boardwalk because if you fell off it could really hurt you. On the way back we heard a splat, turned around and Tyler had missed a huge pile of oyster shells and found the softest pile of mud to fall into. Had to be one of ours! We were so glad to see that there was only a bit of a scrape on one knee and I couldn't tell you if he didn't do that this morning when walking back from the beach. One lucky little boy!

We came home to clean Ty up and gave them lunch and supposedly a sleep - yeah right. So instead of fighting it we went t for a drive to Tathra, Pambula and Eden to look around, visit their beaches and generally check out what was there. Tyler fell asleep 5 min into the trip (if that) and C not long after!

We stopped at the Chamberlain lookout, then just drove around till the boys woke up. We stopped and walked onto Pambula Beach where lifesavers were setting up their flags and the kids chased the waves! A storm was brewing but we didn't get anything out of it.

We stopped by the Port of Eden to grab an ice-cream and walked out along the main jetty where the fishing trawlers were moored. The boys were full of questions about the boats and all the big bits an pieces on them - like the floats, the nets and the funny creaking noises that the tires made against the wood. Tyler decided to sit down in the middle of the road to get rid of a stone. Not ideal but luckily it was pretty quiet.

We stopped off at the green shed that Jamie recommended for some oysters for me.. Mmmm yummy! They were incredibly fresh and salty just the way they should be! Oh they didn't last long!

We came back and went to the Aquarium in Merimbula. It cost us $27.50 to get into the aquarium which was below a restaurant. They had a pretty good selection of marine animals from little wobbegongs to sharks a big grouper and what looked to be pregnant seahorses. The kids were fascinated by the HUGE tank of bigger fish and when the ray swam right up in front of Caden he jumped a mile. Tyler was fascinated by the big crabs and lobsters!

Back to the question of the day!! Yes we can go to the beach. We stopped by the fish shop to grab some barra and flathead, some prawns and more oysters for dinner then we walked over to main beach. Tyler is getting really freaked out about the waves getting him and being so windy and chilly we didn't stay long. We walked over to the lake side where we went this morning and the boys had a wow of a time. Ty wouldn't go in the water but calmed down after a while and some cuddles. He has walked for miles today and was pretty tired.

After dinner we took the boys to the circus tent as Caden called it. It is call the Top fun and is a big , a circus tent building that has 4 bowling lanes, a arcade and a mini-golf course. The bowling was full so we took the boys on the mini-golf course. Mummy got 3 hole in 1's and Tyler got one. But we weren't scoring! The boys loved the challenge of it... Even if Tyler would pick up his ball before it was put in the hole.

The boys crashed in the car and I am about to now.


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