Saturday, December 20, 2008

DD day 20


Board walk- this is where we walked along looking for little crabs and fish and different things at low tide! We got to see lots of different things, this was one of the first times that the boys can see marine life in nature rather than in pictures. The edges were all covered in either mud or oyster shells, grape looking sea-weed and other weeds. At low tide like this morning you can see the roots of the mangrove trees and all the little crab holes

Sony A200 DSLR f5.6 ISO 100 1/640s


Boys- the boys checking out the crabs on the floor of the sea! After telling and telling the boys to be careful not to fall down off the side here I am standing on the rock on the floor of the lake!

Sony A200 DSLR f7.1 ISO 100 1/320s


This bird just happened to fly down near me as I was catching back up to the boys. I really like how I managed to capture the reflection as well as the shadow and of course the bird!

Sony A200 DSLR f6.3 ISO 400 1/2000s

DSC06602 adj

This is probably one of my favourite photos from our holiday. I just love the colours and the contrasts in the picture. This was taken at Tathra at a look out after we had gone for a drive a) to look around and b) to the get the kids to have a sleep! I

Sony A200 DSLR f10 ISO 100 1/80s. I also used at polarising filter for the first time with this shot!


We stopped at Pambula Main beach which is where the kangaroos come to swim! We didn't get a chance to see this but we did get to see some big roos resting in the park only a couple of blocks away! These storm clouds looked really ominous and we thought we were in for a big storm. I loved the colours in the life-savers flags (which they had just started setting up) against the clouds. This is SOOC

Sony A200 DSLR f6.3 ISO 100 1/200s

enjoy J

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