Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Here we are!

Well here I am again, it has been a while to tell my story and life has been hectic. Now with Christmas around the corner and the boys growing up so fast I thought I would try to keep up here. Ok what have we been up to? Well Caden has just turned 4 and is having a blast. His imagination is sensational and everything he does Tyler follows through with as well. Our lives are filled with transformers and Ben 10 a t the moment although Wall-E plays a very close second - the kids absolutely love this movie. The birthday party was filled with Spiderman and Transformers bits and pieces as well as a cake!

I have been given a gift of finding the scrapping mojo lately after participating in the Stories in Hand course over at What a wonderful experience. The thoughts and memories of our lives are really flowing now and it is trying to find the time to sit and record all of the stories that I hope to be able to do!

The Daily December album has been started again and here is the first couple of pages!

Our momentous moments for December this year started with Tyler pedalling on a big bike now and so happy to be able to do what Caden does. Now he is asking for his own bike... Maybe we'll have to put a wish in for Santa!
Daz has been busy with work changing shifts a bit due to people away, and I have gone back to casual teaching again since my blocks have stopped for this year.

Ok best dash, enjoy!

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