Wednesday, December 10, 2008

today started sooo well...

I love this morning despite the very early start. 5am is SO not an hour! The kids & I took the car to be rego tested and playe at the park for about half an hour. We had such a good time! then we hit the shops to get Daddy his chrissy present. Gee I hope he is into a certain thing that hte boys LOVE!! We finally got the boys to school about 9 when C's room was giving news. perfect timing. C had his news day today an I actually saw him give it! He is so confident in front of the other kids. 'Shell said she never sees him as a shy fellow. hmm wonder why it comes out now and then!

I actually got to video and get some piccy's so here is my little man giving his news!



excuse the blurriness but little fingers WONT STOP TOUCHING THE LENS grrrrr!

any hoo good day!


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