Saturday, December 13, 2008

Our year in review

Merry Christmas everyone!xmas card 2 2008

Well we have just looked up and here is Christmas again. Wow has time flown by! The boys are getting bigger and more curious by the day. They have been in daycare all year and have really flourished. They haven't really developed any bad bad habits which is really nice and their 'reports' have been fantastic. Their teachers have said that they are confident, happy, caring children that make friends easily and lots of them! Caden has just turned four a couple of weeks ago and Tyler is now nearly 2.5. They are really looking forward to Christmas this year - we have been having to teach then the agony of waiting to open Christmas presents!

Daz this year has been still on the slaughter floor at Cargill and has recently been promoted to the Night Shift Supervisor which will start in January. This should give him some new challenges to keep him occupied and out of trouble! The biggest bonus to this is that we will be able to spend a lot more time together as a family because I am planning on only working 2 or three days a week teaching next year. Time is flying past too quickly and with Caden only a year away from going to school we want to spend what time we can with them.

I have been teaching pretty much full time this year and really enjoying it. I have learnt a lot about myself and how to deal with SOOOOO many different things that happen. I have to admit though I am glad that the holidays are here so we can just relax!

The family is going well and the kids just adore Grandma and Papa. there is no Mummy and Daddy when they are around! Its great that they can get to know them! Grandma and Papa give them back that adoration as well. Tyler loves talking on the phone all the time to them and Caden will occasionally - Maybe he is more like Daz in that respect. Tyler definitely takes after me in the NEVER STOPS TALKING character. hmm now I understand why Mum and Dad were always telling me to be quiet. What goes around.... I guess!

I have been keeping up with my scrapbooking and am trying to really embrace photography! I know that I drive the kids and Daz (and anyone else in view) crazy with the amount of photos I take. Both kids are starting to jump into photography as well and are also getting some great shots - as well as LOTS of the floor, ceiling and stuff like that. I cant complain because I take heaps of photos of the same things trying to get that one photo! Thank goodness for digital cameras. I finally got my big camera in July this year and am slowly starting to consistently take photos I am stoked with. I am going to try and post a lot more of our goings on here and on our facebook gallery - so if you aren't on facebook and want to see more of us get on!

Well I'd best be off now and We wish you all very merry Christmas and all the best for the new year.

love you all

Jodie, Darren, Caden and Tyler

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