Monday, February 9, 2009

Beauty out of horror

  This morning I woke to this magnificent sunrise. My photos don't do it justice.The sun was an honest to goodness red. I haven't seen one like that for a few years (again caused by yet another bush fire). As I was watching it rise, my heart was just about breaking thinking about how this sight was born. The red haze from the fires in which took so many lives are just too truly horrific. I watch the news in tears seeing how many families have been devastated by these fires. What makes it worse is that the police have said that someone may have deliberately lit and followed the fire fighters relighting them. We were lucky that where we live is nowhere near the devastation although we have friends that are under threat from fires still burning. I hope that I don't hear down the track that there are people I know there in the towns that were wiped off the map amidst  the hottest and most devastating fires in our country's history. We remember Ash Wednesday from 23 years ago but this will live longer in my memory because I watch it as it is reported through an adults eyes. My kids see the fires in the news and ask why the people are crying. I try to explain that the big fires have hurt some people and their homes. I know they don't comprehend the devastation but they do get the emotion they see.



The next photos are the front pages from our local paper recording the ongoing hot hot days and the awful tragedy of nature we are experiencing at the moment. We reached 42 degrees on Saturday and I think just as hot Sunday. last night we started getting bit of relief as a cool front came through. I didn't help the people in Victoria though - 24 hours too late.

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ok, I don't think I can say enjoy today because this is much more of a documenting what is happening than something to enjoy without tears welling up.  I am glad in some ways that the kids want to watch cartoons to have a bit of quiet time rather than the news!

ok bye for now J

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