Sunday, February 1, 2009

Day 32 {splish splash}

The kids decided to hit our wading pool at 7.30 this morning! hope none of the neighbours wanted to sleep in!


DSC01751 DSC01760  DSC01791

DSC01778 adj

and my flowers from yesterday are more into bloom!

enjoy J

6 comments made my day.:

Reds February 1, 2009 at 9:36 PM  

Looks like they were enjoying themselves! Love the splashes! :)

pat February 2, 2009 at 2:32 AM  

Ohhh--it must be summer wherever you are! Looks like your boys were having a blast.

--sme February 2, 2009 at 2:40 AM  

What great actions shots of the kids in the water! The flowers are very pretty!

Rachel February 2, 2009 at 4:10 AM  

Great work capturing the splashes. Beautiful blossoms. I wish it was warm in our neck of the woods. I'm done with winter!

Becky February 2, 2009 at 8:17 AM  

It looks like they're having a blast! That flower photo is so pretty. It's nice to see some summer up here in the northern hemisphere.

Amy February 2, 2009 at 2:58 PM  

How fun, you can tell they're having a great time! And your flower is just beautiful! :)


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