Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Today was busy busy busy!

Whew what a start. Lazy start sort of to the morning. Tyler was in our bed AGAIN - so going to have to break him of that habit again soon. breakky was yoghurt - the boys are very into that today (they each had about 3 big bowls each over the course of the day). I got called to work at 8.30 this morning - just as we were about to walk out the door to take the kids to school. Luckily I was pretty much prepared and just had to pack lunch grab a couple of books and then I could go! Daz got the kids super organised - they were in their Sportacus suit and Captain Feathersword outfits. But of course that mummy moment when you need the camera I didn't get a photo because I was running out the door myself! So I had to take a photo of our bags! (ok this was the pile AFTER school but hey our day documented! Then Daz had to go shopping for a spare bed because his mum is coming in 4 days! Surprise! oh my goodness so going to have to clean the study out! still haven't found one so shopping again tomorrow.


Our bags

Oh here are a couple of shots from today and a couple of Caden's apple and banana trees (he took the photos) that he helped to create at school.DSC06308DSC06307 

C is learning his alphabet. His 'a' apple is the middle top row! He helped paint the leaves for the banana's he so proudly told me!

Lazy Town and Sportacus dominate our 4yo's imagination. Not that I am complaining - anything that encourages getting out and exercise, jumping running, helping people and eating fruit and veges - aka Sport Candy is tops in my book. C HAS to wear his outfit and today at school he wouldn't answer to Caden had to be Sportacus. When his second teacher remembered and called him S before calling him C he said to his 1st teacher so proudly that t2 remembered who he was! We had to have a chuckle at how cute he is!


(he was supposedly letting me get a nice photo sitting in his truck - Yeah right I got the Na na na-na na you cant catch me and gut busting laughter. I think that was worth more than the photo. cheeky monkey!


I have to fight for computer time. C has found LT on the net and LOVES to sit and 'colour' and play memory and watch the video clips. Great for quiet time since he (and I) are sick of Play School - what a shame T isn't!


totally absorbed in his LT on the computer.

ok I think that that is about all that happened today!


enjoy J

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