Thursday, January 21, 2010

my sports mad kiddo {sweet - boy's excitement}

Caden was so excited and proud. G'ma and Papa came over early today and took him shopping... for his emblem shirts and sports uniform at the big school shop. They also came home with brand new white joggers that he barely took off all day. He got dressed into his sports uniform and said "I am going to play sport now Mum" picked up the baseball bat. SO Papa threw the ball for him and after a couple of miss hits he nearly put it over then fence a couple of times!


IMG_9986-1_1 IMG_9985-1_1


Doesn't he look so smart and all grown up?! You should be proud of me this time I didn't cry today ! Talk to me next Friday and it might be a different matter lol!

oh and as I am determined to shoot back in manual I shot these in full manual!!!


enjoy J

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