Tuesday, January 26, 2010

love to play

I bought this big jigsaw ages and ages ago. It is a 2-part puzzle based around a phonics learning system that I really really like. The kids get through the first part but start to struggle matching the sounds of the words with the pictures. They have done so much better today with it completing the first two rows of pictures. They are learning new sounds and words and able to tell me what the letters that the words start with. Since neither of them are at school yet I see this as a huge achievement. It kept them occupied for a good half hour.


Caden is also on a massive obsession with Bakugans. So much so that everything is all about them. (sounds a bit like mum with her photos really :P) Anyway it isn't a bad thing as they are pretty interesting little things and as we have now finally found some story books about them that he is really interested in reading and learning about  they have their benefits. He was in his room just drawing or so I thought  and he came out with this...


He has copied all the names of the bakugan brawlers and their Bakugans from his book - correct spelling as well. Well done little man! You are doing an amazing job!


enjoy J

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