Monday, January 25, 2010

{handmade monsters}

The theme for the POTD this week is handmade. I have been showing off most of my hand made knitted stuff recently but as the boys are home for the last few days before starting school I thought I would show off their work! One of the peas (the very talented HeatherB) showed off this awesome tissue box monster that ate up the valentines cards her children got! And of course with 2 bored children at home and three boxes, some glue, paper, scissors, pipe cleaners we were all set..

Come see our masterpieces...

The making...


more glue...

IMG_0230-1_1  IMG_0232-1_1


Caden made a Bakugan box - complete with a drawing but wouldn't let me snap a pic of the drawing. Tyler and I decorated ours a bit more!


Tyler's has big scary teeth that chomps things up. And according to my children's directions mine has slimy goopy teeth and googly eyes! Oh and big claws!



I hope you like our monster boxes! We enjoyed making them! The boys have played with them non stop since creating them! 

enjoy J

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