Sunday, January 31, 2010

what a mess a thought can create

This is a over 2 day post. Daz measured and built some new storage shelves in the cupboard for me as the bookcase was over flowing and all the crap was just shoved in. But it was getting to the point that there was no hiding it, there were overflowing piles on piles on piles. So in typical J&D fashion we ripped out the old, made new and had a heck of a mess. I didn't get a before so you can just use your imagination...

in semi organised chaos and piles on the little desk, and the rocking chair and the cupboard and the floor... (need I go on?)

IMG_0598 IMG_0599        IMG_0603

the new shelves take one


I loaded them up and they fell down again, Daz being ready to be Mr Maker againIMG_0602

and voila new and clean and organised the new storage spaces. The only thing that I was annoyed at - the teaching resources took more space that the photo props!


enjoy J

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