Saturday, January 30, 2010

I got bored and no one else was around...

So I took my own photo! Surprisingly the broom,  a balloon suspended from the light fitting and a carton of coke work really well as stand ins for focusing! It is curious a) just how many dumb faces I can pull, b) how often I tilt my head - now I am seeing why I have tilted photos :)  and c) I think I am going to have to start 'prettying' up the corners of my eyes they are getting crinkly! lol!

so here I am again Apparently this January I have been determined to get in front of the camera as well as behind! IMG_05845x7IMG_0575

apparently I don't like my elbows or I have too much of a wing span! (in camera crop!)IMG_05875x7

I look so impressed don't I! IMG_05945x7

all dressed up and nowhere to go!

Oh and this is what I was doing on the phone to you Mum!

Ha and I could even get it into the POTD with signs... of age lol!


enjoy J

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