Sunday, January 4, 2009


We bought the kids Kerplunk! for Christmas and while I was wrapping it I was worried that it was too old for them. little did I know that it is probably one of their favourite games. They love being able to get the marbles to fall down.

DSC08650 adj

setting it up!

DSC08651 adj 

Shaking the marbles out ready to go again! C is now counting the numbers as we rotate the tray and matching them to his and T's ages!

And now for T's funny

he has started doing a couple of things regularly to crack us up - this is the first thing. You ask him to show us his Sportacus (from Lazy Town cartoon) and this is what we get...

DSC08642 cadj DSC08645 cadj

(This photo was taken at a high ISO hence grainy, haven't played with to fix it up!) The other thing is that he is becoming more like his Mama in forgetting where he puts stuff. well this morning he lost some thing AGAIN and when he found it, he came out with "Doh, Not again!!" in true T and Homer Simpson fashion.

oh this boy will try these at the times when he is in trouble saying that he is trying to make us laugh.. well he does but that doesn't get him out of time out!!

anyway enough for today

enjoy J

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