Friday, January 30, 2009

Painting, heat, ears

Well we are well into the week of ridiculously hot temperatures. I think in a lot of ways I am so glad I haven't had to work yet. too hot!

We had Caden back to the doctors for his asthma meds adjustment today and got a new referral for the ENT as his hearing test came back with needing to improve the fluid in his ears and sinus issues. all in all he isn't too bad though.  C and I stopped at the Cole's there to see if we could find Tyler favourite icy poles - yet again to no avail. grrr wish I could find them again!

Caden didn't have a sleep today and was excellent all day. After Daz went to work I had a thought about getting the kids some paint to play with  as it is too hot to go outside to play. So we trooped off to the shops and grabbed some as well as a  couple of $2 shower curtains to act as dropsheets/protectors. here is the results...

   DSC01561 DSC01568 DSC01573 DSC01576 DSC01577

painted fingernails


And.. who needs paper when you have a tummy!

DSC01598 DSC01599


Then while I was getting dinner ready this child of mine decided that he would help eat his dinner before it even hit the table - well the beetroot anyway. I think he ate about half a tin in about 5 minutes and asked for more! he just loves it

DSC01611 DSC01615 DSC01616

love that cheeky grin that is showing up more often now - (sometimes!)

then after a sprinkler run and baths they sat still long enough for these!



and last but not least this little fellow ended up on our door!DSC01541

enjoy J

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