Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Day 13

Just a little one today! I didn't really take a great deal of pictures today, thought about it but only did a few - most not for here! I realised that as I was doing my week 2 layout for the 365 book that I missed a milestone photo yesterday.. D's first day on his new shift. so I took it today! I got some more new books that I had on order so looks like quiet time tonight!

DSC09281 This as he is heading out the door!  He loves me what can I say!

and getting in the car...

DSC09284  BYE!!

And because we had run out of all decent dairy products that the kids inhale with regularity I dashed to Woollies after getting my nails done and before picking the kids up to get those things but also the yummy scrummy petite meringues (mmmm my favourite) which I made some whipped cream to have with them. Oh yeah yum! the kids got chocolate custard and T's surprise as he calls them..


SONY DSC dessert for Mummy! ( a little bit of texture (of the meringue) thrown in to stay on topic! love the way they melt in your mouth!

DSC03353 C's chocolate custard

DSC09305 T's surprise. he loves them - picks them over chocolate custard!


enjoy J

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