Monday, January 5, 2009

Day 5

For about 2 years now - since Cutie #1 got old enough to tell me what he would and wouldn't eat fruit has always seemed to be off the menu. He eats it at daycare but at home - in a tub pureed or not at all. I don't know if it is the influence of the Lazy Town cartoon teaching about the benefits of fruit & veges (Sports candy) or if it just that he is getting older and deciding to try new things - aka veges and fruit! I don't really care about the why's, I love the fact that I can make up a fruit platter for afternoon tea and they devour it like they haven't eaten all day!! Bring it on!!

DSC08667 adj


The next is the Cuties playing Round and round the garden goes the teddy bear. One step, Two steps, TICKLE him under there! together. We have alswasy done this little rhyme with the boys and today they were giggling like mad when they tickled each other!

DSC08668 cadj

Round and Round the garden goes the teddy bear

DSC08670 cadj

One step, Two steps...


DSC08671 cadj 

Tickle him under there!

DSC08672 cadj

This series of photos is also in the sweet category for the 26 things!

enjoy  J

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