Monday, January 12, 2009

26 things photos - cold, rusted, comfort, opposite, underneath & terrifying

I am so happy with myself today. I have been using the aperture mode for a few days now and playing with the depth of field and so forth and everything from the 12 weeks to better photos course through Two Peas in a bucket ( there is a new forum thread for week 2 here) all came back. so I switched into manual and had a good play.. here are some of my photos! Now quite a few are for the 26 things and there is a texture photo for my POTD topic but my most favourite one is C's eyes. He is getting so good at "posing" ... (well actually looking at me when I ask) that when I looked at this I was stoked!


I liked this for cold (thanks to D for the idea!) I think it hit over 40 again today so we were guzzling cold drinks all day! I converted it to black and white with high contrast in lightroom.


this cool little fly with all of his/her patterns was sitting on the swing. Its a bit grainy but I put a direct positive preset over it in LR.


underneath the trampoline (high contrast b&w conversion)


big and small - a seed in my palm!


My cutie #2 has this absolutely awesomely cuddly, soft, warm comforting blanket that my Mum bought for him. It usually goes on his bed but at the moment it was in the was and I LOVE to cuddle up on the couch with my most favourite mug and a book in winter - (I know not happening at the moment but I can only think of the comfort we all get from the blanket. (the boys squabble over it so G'ma bought a second one for cuite #1!)


Ok you nearly had me stumped with terrifying because I can say I don't really like spiders but I am not terrified of them, I don't have snakes anywhere near here (I hope) so that was out, not much else crossed my mind to fill this topic until I was taking photos of the spider webs under the trampoline and this is what I saw. yep the thought of this terrifies me - just after telling Cutie #1 to NOT swing upside down on the swing. Oh boy - all boy becoming too adventurous too quickly. thankfully they haven't figure out how to do any of this stuff yet. Give it time they will!


Rusted - the hinge on my gate. same photo - one with direct positive effect (first one) and the other with Matt's nostalgic effect 2 (second one)

2 comments made my day.:

Kerry January 13, 2009 at 4:31 AM  

These are all great photos for 26 Things! Great job.

Becca January 14, 2009 at 11:23 AM  

Love your close up shots! tfs


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