Friday, January 9, 2009

Day 9

    Today we chilled! yesterday was a jammie day - LOVE them! but bright and early (BEFORE 7am) the boys were up an into their Spiderman and Sportacus outfits. Cutie #1 went to bed with the whole set-up last night because we found the mask again. anyway I love the light in our study and since we have been rearranging it for the last week and a half the big desk is empty... just right to stand on and pretend!! They only let me take a couple of photos and I have been having a bit of a play in Lightroom tonight (haven't had much to do with it) with a couple of presets Skye's lightroom presets (here) - thank you very very much! and matt's nostalgic presets - (I think they came form here but it was Jan 08 that I did them so I hope that I am right - if not let me know). anyway...

here is my playing...


These all have Matt's nostalgic effect 2 presets used on them! These were taken on Boxing day along with a heap of family ones that turned out pretty well for me!

ok for today's...

SONY DSCMAtt's Nostalgic effect 2 on this one

 SONY DSCMatt's Nostalgic effect 2 on this one

 SONY DSCSkye's Bittersweet preset on this one

 SONY DSCMAtt's Nostalgic effect 2 on this one (love this one)

 SONY DSC I think it's Skye's Drama king for this one

 SONY DSC  Skye's Drama King for this one (this is probably one of my fav's)

SONY DSCSkye's Vintage on this one.

They were all taken in natural light, at ISO400, f3.5, 1/30s with my A200 DSLR.

enjoy  J

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