Monday, January 19, 2009

Today we...

The boys are bored. They are so used to going to school that now after 5 weeks at home they are at the point that they have played with all of their toys, it is too hot to go outside and Caden seems to get his asthma worse if he swims or gets even slightly chilled. So tomorrow they are off to school and I think will be much happier!

Caden is definitely starting to reduce and probably drop his days sleeps. He had a bit under an hour today but it was in the lounge room on his Elmo chair. There was some reasonable light so I took some photos. I am trying to get a good eyelash photo but having probs with the focus. Have to work a bit more. I was really happy with the blankie photos though. I feel a layout coming on.

As Tyler was going to bed AGAIN tonight, he picked up Bunny and said to me that he missed him. I love it that he does that even though he has only just had him not a moment before!

We danced tonight! the boys are singing a current Play School favourite

"There's a house with a floor, with a floor, with a floor. (arm actions building the floor)

there's a house with a wall, with a wall, with a wall. (arm actions building the walls)

There's a house with a roof, with a roof, with a roof. (arm actions building the roof)

woooooaaaaahhh! (fall down to the floor in a big heap)

There's no house anymore anymore. There's no house anymore!" (laugh hysterically)

Then it was onto Hi-5 Christmas. They just absolutely love this CD. it doesn't matter if Christmas is over we listen to it year round. it really helps that I love it too!

I got my first email from the Now we're rocking digi scrapping course through here. It looks really interesting and I should be able to develop my skills further (I hope!)

I took some photos of my wedding rings today remembering some of the stories that I have of them - the reason I have an engagement ring and two wedding bands (ultimately because I am too indecisive and keep changing my thoughts and wants) how we got engaged, when we got engaged, the bride price that Daz had to pay (a six pack of Crownies!). where we were and what they still mean to me. all of these are for my life stories blog but I thought I would jot the ideas here anyway.

Daz is back to work and now he has his leading hand back from holidays it has helped his work flow a little better tonight. We are looking forward to doing some things tomorrow without the kids- maybe we might even get to see a movie during the day without interruptions! We have been thinking about getting a new outdoor setting. The boys love being outside and now that Daz has cleaned up a BBQ area we really need one. Must mean a trip to Bunnings!

I bribed the boys today to sit for some photos. (love that chocolate!) I haven't really looked at them all yet but there is a couple of good ones of Tyler. I am going to have to learn more about setting the scene and getting the light right for catch lights and so on. Have to read the books again a bit more. practice practice practice, but I also think I may need to step back a bit for a couple of days to refresh. Gonna scrap a bit I hope tomorrow and Wednesday taking advantage of the peace and quiet! that's the plan anyway!

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