Sunday, January 18, 2009

Day 18

Today seems to be all about Tyler. I was looking at the photos from our P&S that I finally downloaded today and matched them with some that I took of the same scenes. Here is a glimpse of a 2year old's view of how to photograph things!


1. the inside of his push around bucket thingy

2,3,4 What Mummy was doing - her Photography 101 weeks 2 assignment! (he saw I set up my Tripod and asked where his camera was - he likes our Sony cybershot over the Fisher Price one (I don’t blame him!), dragged a chair over and snapped away! these are his!)

5 - Mummy took this photo of me doing a self portrait of eating my grapes!

6 the self portrait! (just have to get him to learn to NOT have it so close and perfect!) I was really please with his other ones.! (better than I can do sometimes!) It has only been the last couple of weeks that he and Caden have both been getting better photos - probably all the practice!

and helping Daddy in the garden "snipping" trees with "skizzzors"

DSC00118 cadj

DSC00125 c

DSC00129 cadj


enjoy ^

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