Monday, January 19, 2009

Day 19

  Is it really the 19th? where is time going? I only have another week (hopefully of holidays) and then have to try and get myself some work again. Technology.. hmm the mind boggles at what you can take photos of that relates to this topic - good one two peas! There are all of the obvious technology which I am going to do when the children are NOT around and I can fiddle more but for my first today the photo was the result of looking at my wrist and thinking I feel so naked without it. This little piece of technology (I'm sure you've figured it out by now!) is an essential part of me and I am hardly ever without it. so here is my watch...SONY DSCBW high contrast

DSC00254-2adjusted levels slightly but otherwise SOOC

and I was able to take a couple of Caden sleeping today because he decided that the eyes did have to close despite saying he just wanted a rest in the lounge room!

SONY DSC sepia


SONY DSC BW high contrast

then I saw this - he is clutching his blankie and didn't let go for a moment during his sleep. (I ran a bittersweet preset over these by Skye)


I was looking at my wedding rings today and tried to take some photos of them. Had a lot of trouble with the focus - getting it right. I was using natural light and then moved out side so if there is any hints to get better ones I would love to hear about it - I don't have any lights or setup etc. it is only for interest sake of mine. But in saying that I like this one


I have cropped and put a sepia type preset over it.


Thanks for looking

enjoy J

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