Thursday, January 8, 2009

Assignment 1 Photography 101

Here are the first few Aperture Assignment shots this morning. It is funny how much comes back to you as yu do the reading and practice! I really enjoyed doing this course last year at the same time and I can see that I will enjoy it again this year - although I will probably try to push through it a bit faster!


DSC08889 DSC08890 DSC08891DSC08892

     f3.5 ISO400, 1/4000s                f8, ISO400, 1/1600 s               f18, ISO400, 1/320 s                 f22 ISO400, 1/200s

The leaves on the ground in our back yard.


DSC08866 cDSC08865 cDSC08864 c

         f3.5 ISO400, 1/4000s                f8, ISO400, 1/2000 s              f22 ISO400, 1/250s

The roses out the front!

enjoy  J  

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